Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scary Chic -- Rick Owens Bicolored Sneaker

faye wong / from 00 o 00
Honestly, I've been a little frightened by Mr. Rick Owens gothic darkness. His perseverance in breaking the "dress codes" for men is beyond admirable. I'm too ordinary and conventional to have the honor to pull off his amazing works. But with the endorsement of Faye Wong (王菲), I finally have the courage to purchase this too-cool-for-ordinary-life sneakers that I've been drooling all over with.

To my surprise, they look amazingly tune-down, with an attitude of nonchalance. The loose fit jeans looks nice with the sneaker but I had to tuck in most of the hem and it was a bit odd looking from behind. I'm still working on my way to try out a pair of harem pants, which would go perfect with the sneaker. The sneaker is on sale at!

Best cover of Sophi Zelmani's Going Home, Ever! 
"I am going home, going home alone"


  1. i got the same shoes too! hehe. gd choice!

  2. i'm fully embracing my asian pride.我爱王菲.

  3. those are a perfect RO shoes :)
    yeah I need to past here for watch more of you
    cute face boy :)
    ( this is gonna be your nick from me to you )
    from back of the one

  4. I really like your sneakers ! Nice outfit.

  5. I didn't know that women can also rock those shoes :)

  6. very nice styling


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