Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Versace Men's FW Show on Monday January 17 at 11am EST / 5pm CEST

Versace Men's FW 2010 Campaign

I had a lot fun reading the dramatic history of the Versace family: murder and mafia in real life. But I've never really paid much attention to the brand, except their almost exclusive use of celebrities in every means of advertising and their over the top sexiness. But when I saw the FW 2010 campaign, I knew something new is happening for Versace. Because these looks are just to "cutting-edgy" for Versace. The perforation; the tassel, and the leather patches are something you would expect from Balenciaga, Balmain, or Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, but not Versace.

For a fashion house that almost dissolved due to their resistance to change, and of course, the drug addiction of Donatella Versace, freshening new concepts and designs are precious. Like Riccardo Tisci reformed Givenchy, the new Donatella Versace is rebuilding the house's fame.

The Milan fashion week for menswear will be held from 15th. Jan. to 18th. Jan. Like many other brands, the Versace show will be live streamed at their Facebook Fan page.  Tune in and have fun!


  1. looking forward to that show and others, and I agree this campaign was absolutely astounding.

  2. well, this is something interesting. but i'm still more excited about burberry prorsum. do you know if the burberry show will be live streamed again?


  3. KC: The Burberry Prorsum show is scheduled on Jan 15th 17:00 local time in Milan :)


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