Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great Bargain -- Neil Barrett Patch Work T Shirt from Fall 2010

Below: Neil Barrett Spring Summer 2011

I can't believe this is my first post of Neil Barrett, the master of minimalism and surprisingly, one of the "founding fathers" of Prada menswear line. It was his proposal that brought the inception of Prada menswear, also known for its minimalism. 

What I love about his works is the attention to proportion, besides the effortless cool lounging style. Short cropped jacket with extra long t-shirts underneath is his favorite take on proportion. For people without the "ungodly" long legs, like me, it's a perfect way to balance your whole outfit and conceal your weakness.

I got this shirt from at 65% off and there's still many pieces from Neil Barrett left. So go check out before they're gone! 

Also, I just got my first award from a fellow blogger AVIATOR 101! Thank you all for the support!


  1. Nice Tshirt looks very interesting as the collection...congrats on your award it was about time!


  2. Wow. Amazing tshirt!

  3. You deserve the award. This is my favorite male style blog.
    See you.
    And the t is absolutely elegant, casual, fashion and has that subtelness with nonchalance. Liked it a Lot, Didn´t know bout the Prada guy. AMAZING.


  4. Tonio: I finally find the right words to describe Neil Barrett's take on menswear "subtleness with nonchalance"

  5. i got the same color too, but the opposite color (tee in black, cloth in white) haha!

  6. i so agree.. his work is indeed subtle and nonchalant. the shirt looks good on you.

  7. i love the cloth!
    and omg it has been so long as u never show ur face on the blog!
    im so envy of you, you got no pimples and whatsoever, your face and skin are just flawless! OMG :)


  8. your blog is veeeeeeeery cool , and this shirt is awesome!!!! and ur cute hehe:), check out my blog if u want to1:)

  9. I love the Corner! They always have amazing stuff at great prices!

  10. Wow, I didn't know Neil has had a hand in creating Prada's menswear line (which is undoubtedly my favorite). The shirt is really cool, very different. its like he had some scraps and decided to make good use of them. Eco friendly (i hope) and creatively resourceful!!!

    more power to your blog!!!

  11. GILBERT/GANDA: your comment just made my day! but I do occasionally get pimples --! and they're just ANNOYING!

    menshoeholic: send me a picture! we're not t-shirt buddy:)


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