Friday, January 21, 2011

From Military to High Street -- Balmain 2011 Fall Winter Menswear

Balmain has made a quite dramatic entrance coming back to high fashion, thanks to the talented Chritstophe Decarnin. His inimitable cut, constructed shoulder,  military badges, and everything else that is glamorous rock has made celebrities go crazy for his clothes. But with the buzz fading away, the 2011 spring summer womenswear has been a huge disappointment. We're just getting tired of the huge disco ball that's been spinning for two years since its 2008 debut.

I had high hope for Christophe Decarnin when he started making menswear. A hope that he'll become the next Hedi Slimane. But with very limited looks available and his stubbornness in sticking with military, the works have been just okay. But the 2011 fall winter menswear is quite promising and inspiring. Yes, we still see the crested button pea coat and the iconic shearing jacket, but a freshening breeze of high street is quietly penetrating into the looks. It's still early to tell if this is the right path for Balmain menswear, but I'm so thrilled to see some changes!

Speaking of Hedi Slimane, isn't the toggle coat (above) an exactly replica of his Hedi's work for Dior Homme?


  1. this is so you my little cute face
    back of the one

  2. Well I must plead guilty of loving this collection I like literally every single piece..I would wear them all


  3. if i was on the lookout for double breasted coats, this is the label to go. nothing beats it!!! and its good decarnin is straying away from the military inspiration. like you said, it just got stale.

  4. BackOfTheOne: I know! How can I ever resists --!

  5. that one with the red and white stripes! killer

  6. Christophe Decarnin always manages to amaze me! Great collection!

    Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana

  7. Love the laced boots shoes! x~

  8. The Balmain couldn't be any more sublime. Wonderful!!!

  9. urghh, balmain totally bores me. where's the innovation that is supposed to match their exorbitant prices.

    the military-chic look is so overdone


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