Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Leather Bag & Graffiti Scarf

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Leather Bag
I bought this bag during my after Christmas trip to Vegas. We were staying at the Venetian and I was amazed by many aspects about Vegas. But shopping is definitely not one of them. I had a really high expectation for the shopping experiences in Vegas but the only shop that made me hyper is the Louis Vuitton at the Forum Shops at Caesar's. This Vuitton store cares many products from the Runway and that's how I found this Cabas Naxos leather bag. The SA was very surprised that I was asking for this bag at such an early time and she was even more thrilled when I decided to purchase it. I was struggling between this bag and the Naxos Messenger

since they are both so wonderfully textured and designed. The messenger costs even more so I decided to go with this one. Somehow they don't have this in the white color that appeared on runway. The only white they have is for the messenger. I did check out the white Naxos Messenger but I found out that it was really just for runway, with all the exposure lighting. The white looks a bit off and dirty, actually. The taup is more durable and easier to match with outfits.

I do have this obsession with scarves ... I should be banned for purchasing another scarf forever @_@..

The Stephen Sprous collection is awesome, but I've always thought it was too much for me, even this scarf. But the SA was so kind and she taught me how to wrapped it around my neck and to make a sort of Cowboy style, therefore, I bought another scarf..I know..

Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Scarf


  1. Thanks :) BTW, Big fan of your blog!

  2. Spotted the Naxos Cabas in your sidebar showcase and had to comment. We have the same bag and it is rare for me to see this around on blogs so I was excited to see we're twins! =) How is your bag holding up now?

  3. The bag now looks even better with age(still young though). Whenever I carry it out, I got tons of tons of compliments and questions about the name of the bag. A lot people seem to be very surprised to know that it's from louis vuitton~~

  4. Brought this bag to Paris recently and it got tons of compliments from the LV SAs themselves. They said it's not often they see this bag. Mine is a little over 1.5 years old but it still looks as new as when I bought it. Enjoy yours through many years =)


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