Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gucci Patent Sneaker With Detachable Fringe & Tatoo Print Tie

Gucci Patent Sneaker With Detachable Fringe

I've seen this sneaker in white, black, purple, and blue, all patent and sheen. Since the style is not very much low-profile, I decided to go minimal. This sneaker is perfect with a summer Bermuda shorts that can really show-off the Indian fringe. With Frida Giannini, Gucci has blossomed from a simple black elegant bud to a colorful radiant flower, full of studs and prints. I'm in no place to judge if it is good gone bad or it is just a different path. But I do know that ever since Gucci became so punk and dramatic, I haven't purchased anything from Gucci. I just feel that as a slender Asian, there's no way I can pull off a style so loud and noisy. Mostly Big and Sexy Latina and Africans probably are the targeted audience. I just simply hate to see a small Asian carrying a color palette that is so aggressive that made him totally a fashion victim.
A little bit of this blossom is probably okay. So I bought this tattoo print tie thinking wearing it under a V-neck sweater, to make the maximum out of the minimum or vice versa.

The SA was so kind to give me the just-in catalog for men's AW2010 with a DVD for the runway show!!!


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