Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marni's Amazing Fur A/W 2009

Marni Sl0W M0tIon Picks

Everyone's talking about the economy and every fashion house is advocating their so-called investment pieces. Dubbed as investment pieces, collections from big fashion names are working their tails off to provide customers an excuse to "investment" in luxury. What is exactly an investment piece anyway? Everyone understands that clothing is definitely consumer product, which you never expect any future return. Few exceptions do exist, one of them is fur products made by big names. Marni's fur pieces, in my own little opinion, are more likely to be investment pieces. The quality of the material and the avant-garde design made them so unique among all the luxury fur pieces in this current season. For ready-to-wear pieces, few can made its way into the vintage section. So the only "investment" we can make out of consumer products is to use it as long as you can. Pieces from Marni, especially the ones with fur, can never go out of season. That's probably the only "return" we can expect. Fur pieces from Marni are generally priced between $2000 -$7000 and how many years of usage can break that? That's really up to the customer to decide.


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  1. very stunning accessories! saw some on net-a-porter, and they are so beautiful


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