Thursday, October 22, 2009

Balenciaga Voyage Camel Leather Bag

Me Posing with Balenciaga Grey Camel Bag $1595

The house of Balenciaga finally heard my craving. The classic Arena & Voyage are too feminine for men to carry. Finally, this voyage bag, enough to carry a laptop and some weekend clothing, finally came out this season. It is made of strong camel leather and it comes in gray and black. It is ultra lightweight but extremely durable. It does come with bag tag (not shown in the pictures) like those for girls, but it doesn't have a mirror tucked in it. The mirror is just too girly. I hope the house can come out with more and more pieces for men, both in clothing and accessories!

The followings are pieces that I am still drooling over with, is there anyone so kind to stop the drooling? (pix:

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  1. love the shoes(ilike the color), the layered bracelets, the pants, the white shirt tucked underneath the belt :). for the bag, its nice (offcourse it's balenciaga!), but for me it didn't really get along well with the rest of your outfit :)


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