Thursday, October 22, 2009

Louis Vuitton Plus Kanye West -- OverDued Don

Louis Vuitton Plus Kanye West Don Sneaker

Never a big fun of hip-pop music or culture. Never a big fun of Kanye West, especially after seeing him on VMA Awards. However, being always a big fan of Louis Vuitton means to go after whatever it embodies, not to mention that the shoe really looks cool. I've been running around all summer trying to find it in my size and failed. The more difficult the more tempting. After so many phone calls with so many either helpful or resentful SAs, I found the last one in my size at San Francisco. Over-priced? Definitely. However, I do find a problem with this shoe. It is so loud that there aren't may outfits to go with it, neither any occasion. But anyway, I don't think Louis Vuitton will go after Kanye again for collaboration, or maybe they will. This one is definitely going to my permanent collection.

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  1. kayne's vuitton sneakers > ronson's gucci sneakers.

    im not kayne's biggest fan ever, but i do like him, but some of his outbursts are pretty whack he needs to chill out.


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