Monday, October 26, 2009

Chanel 08 Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame

Somehow I've been dealing with several Chanel SAs recently. I've been helping my friend to locate the Valentine charm Chanel bag from this past S/S collection. I expected the difficulties of finding this bag because it's from last season, but I've never expected such terrible service by SAs at Chanel boutiques. Crappy English of those ethnic minorities is totally fine by me because I speak crappy English too! But the snooty attitudes are not something I can tolerate. I've been making phone calls to several stores and the SAs either never returned my phone calls as they promised or are just mind-numbingly stupid. Why do they promise to call if they are not going to? Is the job of SAs that challenging? Don't they work on commissions? I helped my friend purchase this bag last year and I still remember how efficient and kind the SA was.

Anyway, I haven't got a chance to post the pictures of this bag and I've been feeling guilty for ignoring such a beauty. This is so far the best Chanel bag I've ever seen and touched. The craftsmanship is amazingly intricate and elaborate. I hope their service can be as delectable as their products.

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