Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weave Me A Dream -- Bottega Veneta 2011 Cruise Collection

 My Little Fragile Heart Stopped A Beat When I Saw this Beauty (below) 
and continued to tremble 'n tremble ~~
Lagoon Nero Faded Vintage Calf Tote 

I prefer luxuries that are quiet and subtle. And the experience of appreciating these beauties can be so uplifting. No rampant monograms that are so determined to invade the world, or "dusty" logo that has lost its gloss on their way to mass production.  What's the signature "logo" or " monogram"  of Bottega Veneta? The fine craftsmanship of intrecciato woven leather; the iconic shape and heavenly colors; the dedication to real luxury: perseverance in its traditional handiworks against mass production, just to name a few..

The Lagoon Nero Faded Vintage Tote from BV's cruise collection illustrates the essence of a BV bag: the intrecciato, the soft calf leather with colors out of this world,  and the inimitable shape. And the craftsmanship:
This wide, muscular tote is made of thick, smooth calf and distinguished by a degrade fade. A "vintage" texture is created by adding a top layer of darker color which is wiped off, beautifully accentuating the natural pebble grain. 
So beautifully touching ~~ Can't wait to fondle them one by one - -!

And the 2010 BV Ad campaigns are the best of all, and you'll spot my Intrecciato VN briefcase:) 

Source: Bottega Veneta 


  1. I love that clutch!! The color is so cute!

  2. I know ~~ No girls can resist a clutch bag like that: so very chic and classic!

  3. I liked very much the cuff and the first pair of shoes...and the bag you like is beautiful!!...I totally loved the video how much fun the models had throwing and swinging themselves around like that...If I was the one doing it I would have probably landed on my butt in the first swing haha


  4. Love the first clutch ** beautiful color!

  5. aaww... cutie purse! and pretty bags.

    I just noticed this: "Feed the hungry animal with lots of comments @-@" ◄ like it.

    I am following your blog now. :) have a nice day!

  6. Thank you for such a lovely comment. Really loved watching that video x

  7. this is the day the world stood still for me, that Lagoon Nero Faded Calf Tote (the last bag), will make the world go around again...when I get my hands on it...I love it...

  8. Oh wow... Love the turquoise bags.

  9. This bag is so AMAZING & Magic !
    The colour is sublim.
    Duck blue. Love.

    I love your Blog !
    Come see us !

    & a bientot sur ton blog :)

  10. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments. Loved watching that video x

  11. The woven clutch is just beautiful, and I think my heart stopped when I saw the faded vintage tote. Love them.

  12. oh wow the clutch!!

    cool blog :)



  13. I love the teal hold- all, very chic with a modern shot of colour!

    Thank you for the comment :)

  14. Thank you very much!
    Your blog is really good, really!
    I love shoes photos

  15. Thank for your weet comment (i follow you...)

    I lvoe your blog and also this post...I dedicated two psot about the first clutch and the earring (amazing). But that shoes and the phone case I've never seen them (and I'm sad of this thing)...they are wodnerful especially the last pics about that bag. The "degradation" of green and black is something wonderful!!!
    You said right: the heart is locked by these accessories!

  16. that cuff bracelet!! i think i "need" it!

  17. thankyou for your comment and haha XD trust me you don't want to see my lyrics they aren't great. but i will make a future posts with some lyrics, if i'm brave enough!

  18. Hey thanks for you comment on our blog. (About Wayne Rooney in balmain). Your BLOG IS AMAZING wow, and we're loving the white and woven sneakers here.



Feed the hungry animal with lots of comments @-@

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