Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maison Martin Margiela Broken CD Sweat Shirt

Why Do All Good Things Come To An End?

I hated the movie <2012> because it is so badly plotted and "animated". I've been sort of a "drama king" who can easily be deceived and fooled by fictions. I might never shed a tear for things that are happening in real life, but I'm somehow so easily touched by movies and music. Nevertheless, I was not even a bit touched by <2012>. It was like paying money to let someone ridiculing about how stupid and naive you are. The civilization might come to an end but the things really frustrated me are those happening right now: McQueen's death, Margiela's leaving, Balenciaga's fall out, and Blogger 00 o 00's stop blogging. Fashion is so illusory to follow and I wonder how long the passion lasts? The good things might come to and end for various reasons, but they can all be categorized as "being sick of what we are doing". The sweatshirt is a piece from Margiela's last collection and the broken disc must have portrayed how Margiela and many of us recently feel: sick sick sick and "BREAK"!

Maigiela's collection are sold at
(see, I'm still passionate about shopping. That'll help me survive for a while)


  1. I was thinking of actually getting the same sweatshirt but I was saving some funds for the Margiela knitted cardigan that I got last month! :-)

  2. Yep! I saw the cardigan on your blog and it looks great on you. The sweatshirt was though 50% off at when I got it:)

  3. Great deal! Wear it in good health, and don't feel sad, change is healthy, it always drives us to aspire and be inspired to do other things. I know how you feel, Margiela leaving, McQueen taking his life have made us reevaluate life. Always strive to be happy. :-)


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