Friday, March 5, 2010

Fashionable Gadget: Olympus e-p1 Pen Camera

When you're hopelessly hooked by so called "fashion", you have a tendency to require everything to be fashionable around you; your friends, and even your little gadgets. I've been longing for a digital camera that is both utility and good-looking:) Finally, I found the Olympus e-p1 Digital Pen camera. With its micro four thirds technology thing-y, the image quality is as superb as DSLR's, but the camera is much lighter and prettier. White steel body with beige (one of my favorite colors) leather pad and black lens cap and silver lens; it's "custom made" for fashionisto and -ta like us!

It has nothing to do with Chanel and the ribbon was sort of a decoration when I received it as my V day's gift (from myself, of course). But they definitely should consider co-op with Chanel and to come up with a black version with white leather pad. The white version has limited quantities so if you want one, act fast.
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If you're even more serious with image quality and fashion, you should consider the Limited edition Leica M9 by Hermes. It is so expensive that I don't even bother to look up the price!

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