Saturday, June 26, 2010

Givenchy Resort 2011 Collection: Bloody Brilliant

It's been a while since last time I posted. I'm currently experiencing the most of uncertainties so far in my humble life. With all these uncertainties, I become more assured with my passion about fashion, or at least my passion about shopping. Posting in English has been particularly frustrating for me, because it's not my native language and I suck at it. But I did have a lot fun with all the pictures. To save me from the trouble picking up the right words and the fear of humiliating myself with my poor English writing, I decided to start a Blog in Chinese. To "commemorate" the launch of this Chinese version, I forced myself to pick up with the English one.

All these photos from Milan fashion week have been stocked in my computer. One collection that causes my attention is the Givenchy 2011 Resort collection. Riccardo Tisci's interpretation on Givency's classic elegance has been receiving mixed reviews. With his very personal Catholic influence, the worry has been that it just doesn't go with Givenchy's Audrey Hepburn's elegance. But the conception of elegance has evolved over time, so should Givenchy. After all, Tisci's the only that managed to bring this old fashion house back into the radar, not even Alexander McQueen.

The silhouette and the cut speaks for themselves. I just wanna highlight the dominant red color: I've never seen a red that is so perfectly saturated. It's bloody beautiful! You've probably noticed that I've run out of words to describe my excitement about the red bye bye

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