Saturday, February 13, 2010

Introducing The All New Head Banner for Mr. Burbailey ~~

A brand new year with a brand new look. I've always wanna change the head banner but stuck with ideas. I want one that is original and chic. While I was going through my huge wardrobe the other day, I found all these extra buttons came with clothing and a BIG BIG DING shocked me! Now you're looking at a 100% original head banner that really means something. It's a certificate of a hopeless shop-a-holic and most importantly, a memoir for all those happiness and excitement. It's a perfect conclusion, as well as a grand opening. I wonder how many of these happy years are left for me to splurge? I can't imagine a life without an obsessive passion! Most of the buttons have brand names engraved on. Do you see any name you like ?

Special thanks to Patrick


  1. shane~the banner is sooooooooo cute~so much better than I orginally thought it would be~no worry, i will be on your side and lets enjoy every moment of shopppppppping, even when we have turned into 60~aha


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