Monday, September 28, 2009

Balenciaga Color Block Cardigan S/S 08 from Yoox

Balenciaga Color Block Cardigan s/s 08 from YOOX

Crew-neck Version

Yoox is no doubt a gold mine! It's the only place where you can find past season Balenciaga for both women and men. Though they don't usually have complete size options, especially for smaller sizes, you can still find some pieces that you missed during the season. When you do, it's like winning lottery! I got a pretty good deal on the cardigan and I am definitely loving it. It is very much a Balenciaga piece with all the geometric color blocks. Balenciaga pieces run out really fast on Yoox, so you have to browse the website very often so that you are not missing out anything. Or is it just me being obsessive? Anyway ...


  1. it looks REALLY cute on the colour blocking!

  2. u could be a great stylist, or are you already?... :)

  3. rei: I'd dream to be have a job that involves fashion, but sadly, I'm completely the opposite --!


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